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Cafeteria and Lunch Service

CACFP caterer for business or traditional, cafeteria, and lunch services.

Cafeteria and Lunch Service

We work together with small business, privately-owned schools, daycares, eldercare, and child care facilities that need lunch services. Choosing Nine’s Food service instead of performing food service in-house will help your business in many different ways that may not be immediately apparent, but will bring a variety of benefits to your business.

Right off the bat, we can name nine ways that Nine’s Catering will help your business:

  1. You won’t have to worry about meal planning
  2. You won’t have to do the shopping yourself
  3. Don’t worry about storing ingredients
  4. No worries about food spoiling
  5. No re-stocking or inventory management in the kitchen
  6. Avoid the endless cost of paper goods, serving spoons, and silverware
  7. None of the continual labor of washing dishes
  8. With Nine’s Food Service you will save money as a result of these items
  9. You can enjoy our affordable streamlined process so you can focus on your business, employees, students, and events.